Wednesday, 27 March 2013

SCP-087-B custom made story by me

Object # SCP-087-B
Object Class:Euclid
Dangerous level: Unsafe

SCP-087-B appears to be a unlit corridor with stairs that descend at a 40 degree angle. Subjects have seen footage of them being blocked in by a solid brick wall when they hear a stone turning at 7 flights from the ground level of SCP-087-B. Subjects also report the sight of 2 vital entities when descended a certain number of floors. That number is 17. The figures are shown below

SCP-087-B-2 Shown with 100 watt led light
SCP-087-B-1 enhanced with special
computer equipment
The clearest Known image of SCP-087-B-1
in the year of {REDACTED}


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